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The list below provides links to all downloads available at this website.
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A brief introduction to MIDI (PDF – 37K bytes

MIDI to Parallel

MTP-7 installation and operating instructions (PDF – 138K bytes)

MTP-8 installation and operation instructions (PDF – 150K bytes)

MTP-9 installation and operating instructions (PDY – 37K bytes)

Application note on register switching for the MTP series (PDF – 35K bytes) 

Configuration file generator program for MTP-7, MTP-8 and MTP-9, version 1.3 (32-bit Windows executable – 95K bytes)

Configuration file to re-configure an MTP-7 or MTP-8 to factory default settings (Midi – 481 bytes)

Test software to generate MIDI_note on and off events (32-bit Windows executable – 5.9K bytes)

Parallel to MIDI

PTM-1 installation and operating instructions (PDF – 144K bytes)

Servo Control

SRV-4 installations and operating instructions (PDF – 138K bytes)

Software to generate MIDI control change events (32-bit Windows executable – 11Kbytes)

Software to produce MIDI messages from joystick position and buttons (Windows 95/98 device driver – 17K bytes)

Music Punching

AMP-1_installation and operating instructions (PDF – 113K bytes)

Demonstration version of AMP-1 software, version_3.3_(32bit windows executable – 153 bytes)


OBM-1 installation and operating instructions (PDF – 19K bytes) 

OBM-2 installation and operating instructions (PDF – 86K bytes) 

OBM-3 installation and operating instructions (PDF – 88K bytes) 

Manufacturer`s datasheet for ULN2803 octal transistor array (PDF – 85K bytes)

Manufacturer`s datasheets for IR pair devices (PDF – 285K)

Application guide to using IR-Pairs with a PTM-1 (PDF – 31K bytes)