SRV-4 MIDI Servo Movement Control


This circuit works in conjunction with dc positional servos of the type popularly used in radio-controlled models to enable the control of MIDI-operated animations.
The following features are provided:

  • Up to eight servos can be controlled at once
  • Positional resolution of each servo output is 1 part in 128
  • Selectable movement range scaling to suit different servo types and applications
  • Responds to Control Change messages from any standard MIDI data source
  • Range of Control Change message numbers to respond to can be selected by on-board switches
  • Can be set to respond to any one of 16 MIDI channels by on-board switches
  • Four of the servo outputs also have slave on/off digital outputs for operating switched devices
  • Powered by a single supply in the range 4.5 to 5.5 V dc
  • Built on a high quality glass fibre PCB measuring 76mm (3in) square
  • Supplied with comprehensive installation notes
  • This product is RoHS compliant.

Includes installation instructions and technical support by e-mail/telephone.

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