AMP-1 Automated Music Punching


Note: Photograph shows a prototype, actual circuit varies slightly

This circuit provides the interface between a computer (PC) and a two-axis punch machine driven by stepper motors.
The following features are provided:

  • Independent punch head and roll movement axes
  • Outputs suitable for connection to common stepper drives (typical drive cost: £40 each)
  • Trapezoidal movement profile generation with software-controllable acceleration and speed limit
  • Output step rate up to 200,000 steps/second
  • Positional resolution better than 1 part in 8.3 million
  • Overload protected power switch for punch solenoid rated at up to 60V and 10A
  • Connected by high-speed serial interface to the host computer
  • Five logic inputs for roll tracking, head position and punch status sensors
  • Built-in head position detection and calibration functions
  • LED indicators show actions as they are carried out
  • Visible and audible alarm indicators for fault warning
  • Powered by a DC supply anywhere in the range 7 to 12 volts
  • Built on a high quality glass fibre PCB measuring 120 x 70 mm
  • Power connections made by high quality rising-clamp terminals
  • Supplied with comprehensive installation notes
  • RoHS compliant (free from hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium)

This hardware is supplied with PC software to automatically convert MIDI files to punched music.
The software provides the following functions:

  • Operates under 32-bit Windows (eg. Vista, XP, 98)
  • Converts Type 0 or Type 1 MIDI files to real-time punch control instructions
  • Uses user-definable scale files to specify the translation between notes and punch positions
  • Allows up to 2048 tracker bar holes to be deifned by MIDI channel and note
  • Minimises material usage by allowing initial rests to be ignored
  • User-selectable punching start point
  • Note boundary punching with adjustable advance optimises note timing accuracy
  • Minimum boundary distance setting prevents unnecessary punch actions
  • Punch output can be previewed in an interactive visual window
  • Loaded MIDI files can be played to the system MIDI output device (eg. sound card)
  • Bar number and elapsed time display shows current position
  • Automatic calculation of the length of music roll required for any MIDI file
  • Allows easy setting of punch machine parameters and remembers these settings
  • Four test functions to help with setting up and calibrating the AMP-1 and punch machine
  • Free demonstration version available (needs no punch hardware)

Includes installation instructions and technical support by e-mail/telephone.

Two (reduced size) screenshots from the application are shown below:

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