The Business

Located in the UK, j-Omega Electronics was founded in 1996 and is now a major supplier of MIDI-to-parallel interface systems.

The name "j-Omega" derives from the mathematical formula published by Leonhard Euler in 1748 which states the equivalence of the sine and cosine series with an exponential function having a complex exponent. In engineering mathematics, "e" to the power of "j omega" represents a continuously rotating or oscillating system. This relates closely to audible sounds and hence music, which is the focus of our business activity.

All j-Omega products are built in, tested in and despatched from the UK, but use components sourced from many parts of the world.

Extensive use is made of information technology, allowing most orders to be fulfilled without requiring the customer to do any more than provide order details on the website and complete an on-line secure payment process.

Automated programming and testing of an MTP-7 circuit

We have a policy of continual product and service improvement and, to that end, are working on new automation systems to reduce order processing times and also to improve the information provided to customers whilst they await delivery of their goods. New product designs are also being worked on, based on what customers tell us they would like to have. We always welcome suggestions for new product ideas which can be sent using the Contact page.

Although our computer-based automation can carry out the order process with minimal personal intervention, we understand that customers may need to ask questions before or after placing an order and so expert advice is always available. We aim to respond to any messages placed on the Contact page within 48 hours.

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